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8 Apps That We Fell in Love With

This February we’re sharing the love with 8 apps the Ekotek team is personally obsessed with. A collection of apps that get us through the day by making us more productive, entertaining us, helping us learn more, and letting connect with the world more. Check them out by clicking the links after the descriptions.


unnamed1. Pocket

Pocket is such a magical app because with it, you can save any webpage so you can view it offline. I like accumulating a ton of articles and funny forum pages to save in my Pocket so I can read it during my spare time. It’s especially helpful if you’re a commuter or someone who doesn’t have access to Wi-Fi for long intervals.

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icon175x1752. Plant Nanny

Drinking water is one of the habits I can’t usually keep. With Plant Nanny, you are sort of pressured into drinking the recommended amount of water for your lifestyle, lest your cute little sapling dies. Drink enough in succession and grow your plants into maturity! There are a lot of different plants to choose from, each with different difficulty. So whether your starting a good habit or already part fish, you can find your perfect plant companion in Plant Nanny!

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icon175x175 (1)

3. Money Lover

Can’t seem to figure out where your money goes? Try Money Lover. This app is super friendly to first time budgeters and will help you allocate your money wisely. It has settings for any recurring expenses, your incomes, and even has pages for things you wanna save up on. Be a budget bad-ass with this nifty little app.

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4. Youtube

You’re probably wondering why we even featured Youtube here. I mean, everyone know the big red play button, right? Well, Youtube now has offline mode! Now you can download your favorite videos to your devices and watch them even when you don’t have Wi-Fi. I personally enjoy binge-watching videos while on my long commute home.

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5. Duolingo

Introduce another language in your life! Duolingo lets you learn other languages in a super fun and easy way. Learn German, Spanish, French, or just brush up on your English. Learning another language is always a useful skill. So far my Spanish course is going muy bueno!

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unnamed (1)

6. Camscanner

This was really helpful when I was a student and even now at Ekotek HQ. Camscanner helps you turn pictures of documents into pdfs. Make them shareable across all platforms, and make them editable! The scanner can detect and turn texts into editable fonts. The future is now, guys.

Download on iOS or Android






7. Wakie

This is a really unique app and in the time I’ve had it, it’s been quite entertaining. The basic idea of this app is to make a social media alarm. Set your alarm in the app like you normally would, and wake up to a random person from anywhere in the world telling you to wake up! It’s something to look forward to everyday, and you won’t have to get annoyed by the same repetative beeping. Enjoy!

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unnamed (2)8. PreFIX PH

Do you have one of those friends that can look at any number and tell if it’s Smart, Globe, or any other network? It’s amazing, and now there’s an app for that! Not only does it identify which network a number belongs to, it also organizes your contacts according to your networks. It also sets up preferences for dual sim users.

Download on iOS or Android


Found something you love? Go ahead and check it out in the app store! If you enjoyed this please feel free to drop a line and chat with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.






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