LED By The Light

When the Luna is not charging your and your friend’s gadget simultaneously, it wants to work like the most beautiful torch-lamp you’ll ever use. Its body’s chrome-and-shine, and it’s 7500mAh worth of cell capacity aren’t the only things that make the Luna shine. Under all the shine of the case lies a bright LED torch lamp that can last for 100 hours on full charge. Just pop the LED lamp out and it will automatically light up for you.

Keep Going In Style.

Light shines with the Luna but it doesn’t stop there. The LED lamp and the core power cells of it live in a sleek, round-cornered classing white casing accentuated with a shiny chrome finish embracing its base. Molded and factory-glued together in place, not only do you get a beautiful powerbank, but also one that’s designed to last.

Power For Two.

The Luna comes with two power outputs. One for a DC 5V/1A connection, and another one for a DC 5A/2.1A connection. Wrap it all up together with cells carrying power at a maximum of 7500mAh, you get an awesome power source not just for yourself but for a friend, too. Or, if you’re just keeping it for yourself, it can fully-charge your average Android smartphone for approximately two cycles!

Light 'Em Up!

Get yourself, a friend, and everybody else in the room lit-up!

Get led by the Luna’s LED lamp whenever you need it. The Ekopack Luna 7,5000mAh dual-port powerbank with the built-in LED torch lamp is available in all Ekotek outlets.

Available Online!

This moon is more reachable.

You don’t have to wait for lightyears to finally get your hands on a Luna. They’re available online through our friends from iTrueMart!

“This thing is as cute as me! LOL!”

— @jadecardenas10 on Ekopack 6000mAh (Pink)

Practically Stylish

Express yourself with power and style. Choose from 4 amazing colors: Lime, Orange, Black and White. The Ekopack Slim 6000mAh was built to fit in the palm of your hand – right beside your smartphone.

Relentlessly-Powered. Tender-Hearted.

The lithium-polymer core’s flexible manufacturing properties allow the Ekopack to take on its slim shape. The Ekopack is uncompromising on its mission to give your gadget as much power as it could give while remaining as sleek as possible.

Like a Caffeine Kick for your Phone.

Worry less about not having enough power for your gadget. Our tests show that the Ekopack Slim 6000mAh can power two drained units of Apple’s iPhone 6 and more before having to recharge the Ekopack itself.

“A good daily powerbank should posses the following traits: portability, durability and enough juice to help you get through the day. The Ekopack Slim 6000 mAh has all of those traits with a bonus of slimness and great looks […]”

Your Favorite Classics. Still The Classics.

We thought we wouldn’t let them get anywhere but in your pockets ready to fire-up gadgets the way only ekogadgets can: in style!

Scroll down to see them.

Ekopack 4000mAh (Slim)

  • Gives a maximum of 2 or more Full-Charge cycles*
  • Power-up in style. This model is available in Black, White, Red, or Cyan.
  • The extra slim, smooth, and compact design makes it easy to hold and store in smaller spaces such as bag compartments and even your pocket.

Ekopack 11000 and 13000mAh

  • 11000 model gives a maximum of 5 or more Full-Charge cycles.*
  • 13000 model gives a maximum of 6 or more Full-Charge cycles.*
  • Make it truly yours. Choose from 3 color combinations: sandblasted gray + Ekotek trademark green; sandblasted pink; and smooth black + gray.
  • The extra solid compact body build enables this Ekopack to durably withstand extra carriage pressure without being bulky.

Ekopack 3000mAh

  • Gives a maximum of 1-2x Full-Charge Cycles.*
  • Available in Black or White.
  • Sleek and compact rounded rectangular prism design. Great for non-flat bag or apparel pockets!

Ekopack 6000mAh (w/ LED flash light)

  • Gives a maximum of 2-3x Full-Charge Cycles.*
  • Available in Black or White.
  • Sleek and compact rounded rectangular prism design. Great for non-flat bag or apparel pockets!
  • Comes with an LED flash light (for emergencies other than having low gadget power).

Ekopack 9600mAh

  • Gives a maximum of 3-4x Full-Charge Cycles.*
  • Extra solid semi-flat body build enables it to tolerate pressure stress inside carriages such as bags or briefcases.

Key Features

True Specs. Inside and Out.

Hold an Ekopack on your hand and you'll know and feel that the packaging always tells the truth about how much power it can give you. For example, with the Ekopack line, a 9600mAh model will weigh way more (and actually have more charge cycles) than the 3000mAh model, just like a true high-capacity powerbank should. And this goes for the entire Ekopack series.


An Ekopack powerbank is always built and chosen to simply let it do what you want it to do and nothing else. After fully-charging it on the first use, simply plug a cable from your Ekopack to your favorite device to start charging. And with its built-in LED indicators, an Ekopack makes it very easy for you to tell when it's time to re-charge so it can keep on helping you keep on.

Cables Included

We made it a point that each model in the entire series will be ready-to-use out-of-the box. Aside from having pre-charged models, we've also included standard cable adapters approved by our manufacturers so you can use an Ekopack to charge your favorite gadget right after you open the packaging.

* Assuming that your Ekopack has been fully-charged. We would always use the Ekophone 4.20 as our reference for how many times an Ekopack can fully charge an average gadget before re-charging the Ekopack itself