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Ekotek Ekotab Encore 3G Quick Review

Ekotek gave its tablet line a new member with better specifications plus 3G-capabilities. Can the Ekotab Encore 3G uplift the Ekotab family? Read our quick review and find out! ReadMore





Ekotek Ekotab Encore 2 Quick Review

The Ekotab Encore 2 from Ekotek is the successor to the Ekotab Encore D/L. Improvements include a faster processor, slightly bigger battery, and a newer Android version. Check out our quick review to find out what we think of this device. ReadMore




Ekotek Ekotab Encore 2 Tablet first impressions, Antutu, specs, price

With the help of my fellow tech blogger Peter of GeekyPinas, I was able to check Ekotek’s newest budget Android tablet which is Ekotek Ekotab Encore Tablet 2. ReadMore








Ekotek Ekotab Encore 2u Review, The Durable Budget Tablet Gets An Upgrade!

While the Ekotab Encore 2 was a decent tablet for the price before, it has some glaring weaknesses in the display and storage department. Recently, Ekotek solved that issue by releasing an upgraded one called the Encore 2u. ReadMore




Ekotek Ekotab Encore 3G Review, The Budget Tab With Phone Function!

Ekotek is in the business of making ultra-affordable for quite some time now. This time they decided to amp up their game by releasing the Ekotab Encore 3G, a cool new tablet that packs a phone function and improve overall specs compared to its predecessor. ReadMore






Ekotek is one of the most economical brands for tablets and mobile phones, but economical isn’t the only thing, they’ve got great specs too. I was lucky enough to be sent units (Ekotab 7, Encore L & Encore D) over for review and I have to say that this has really changed the way I look at the prices of tablets. ReadMore



Ekotab 7 Tablet by Ekotek

Before this review, I have never actually heard of Ekotek before. A quick search in Google revealed the company has a good line of tablets and smartphones available locally. The company name, Ekotek, stands for economical technology. They want to inspire a sustainable lifestyle among the new generation. ReadMore