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      Each Ekotek outlet is an extension of Ekotek itself.

      They are backed by Ekotek’s growing support and customer service infrastructure. Product availability, consumer support, and the whole gadget experience package that you can really experience hands-on.

      We’ve got everything covered outlet-by-outlet.


      Dedicated Ekospecialists.

      They’re ready to take in most of the questions that you might have about our Ekoproducts: from helping you find the best gadget to get, to helping you with getting the most out of them.


      Hands-On Gadget Experience.

      We understand nothing beats seeing a product and getting to use it first-hand. Play with our gadgets, swipe, tap, or even take a few selfies while you’re at it.


      Exclusive Promos.

      Every now-and-then, we fire-away great deals that’ll surely give you a bang for your buck. Need a powerbank to go with your new Ekophone? Who knows, you might stumble in to a bundle that gets you just that.

      The Ekotek Experience Is Everywhere. 

      Get the same Ekospecialist-level support right here, right now!

      24/7 Self-Support Knowledgebase.

      Be A Level-One Ekospecialist Yourself!

      Browse through our always-available, always-online, and always-updated knowledge base of Ekospecialist answers to the most common questions asked by Ekotek customers.

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