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5 Geeky Gifts for Your Techie Mom


Mother’s Day is fast approaching and the roses at Dangwa are selling out pretty quickly. Why not go the unconventional route? Here’s a list of gadgets and accessories that would make your mom’s inner geek sing. This is for all of you techie moms out there, you rock! (This is from experience. I have to ask my mom to troubleshoot my internet connection more than once in my life.)


Ekopack Slim

1. Power Bank

 More power for your power mom! Power banks are quickly becoming a necessity now that we’re keeping connected using our smartphones 24/7. A real nightmare scenario for the modern age is a dead phone with no way to recharge it. Rid your mother of that worry by giving her a nice, compact power bank that packs a punch without being too cumbersome. Our Ekopack Slim Series have power banks that are slim but power-packed. Plus they come in a variety of colors so you can match it with your mom’s personality!

Check our Slim Series out at 6000 mAh and 4000 mAh.

DSC_2918-500x5002. DIY Earphone Case

Feeling a little crafty? Give her something made with love, and it doesn’t have to be too complicated. Tangled cables are the bane of anyone’s existence, and earphone cases are surprisingly easy to make. They make earphones easy to carry and help avoid getting them all tangled. Here are some tutorials on how you can make a practical little accessory for your mom!

You can use this tutorial for a case made of cloth or if your mom prefers leather, we have that covered too. Whip out those scissors and start crafting!


3. DIY… Other Cases!

If you’re looking to scale it up and challenge your DIY skills? There are more tutorials out there for cute accessories like laptop and tablet sleeves. Most of them are still pretty easy and you can get most of the items you’ll need can be found at your local bookstore. Pictured is a beautiful tablet sleeve you can make with just an envelope as the base! You can also try making one with cork so it has that rustic vibe. Treating your mother doesn’t always mean splashing out on items. She’ll  love a gift you’ve physically labored over.


 4. Feature Phone

If you’re mom is still not that comfortable with smartphones, there are plenty of feature phones on the market that you can gift her to ease her into the technological age. Even if she already has a smartphone, it never hurts to have an emergency phone just in case! These phones are easy on the battery so they can last days between charges. Our Ekophone Atlas feature phones are jam-packed with different applications.

Check out the Atlas and the Atlas 2! We mean it when we say that they are the feature-packed.


5. For The Shopaholic Mom

Does your mom often drag out out to the malls where all the sales are going on? Let her discover the magic of online shopping! A lot of online shops have gift cards that you can give instead of physical gift cards. Perfect if you don’t really know what your mom prefers as a gift, and if she prefers hunting for great deals on her own!

You can get gift cards for Zalora (For the fierce mamas who like their outfits to speak for themselves) or if your mom loves physically shopping, you can give her a Sodexo gift card that you can use in malls!

I hope I’ve been helpful if you’re still undecided on what to get for your mother on her special day! If you enjoyed this please feel free to drop a line and chat with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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