The only one of its kind. Stylish efficiency.
Functional cuteness.

Bright. Fun to hold.

This flash drive is so bright you can see it from space! The eye-catching green ensures that you won’t lose this baby in your drawer, or bag. Plus you gotta admit that is one cool color.

Storage on the go.

Take everything with you! We have up to 32 gbs of storage so you can have something that can keep family pictures, your work files, and so much more!

A must have.

Flash Drives are what they are: universal and convenient. You can plug them to literally anything and at anytime. An absolute must have in this day and age and we make em with quality and style. So grab one now!

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The Capsule flash drive is now available. Ready to ease your storage dilemmas like a pill. 😉

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Ekotek MicroSDs (HC)

  • Widely compatible. Not only is it supported by most mobile gadgets, it also supports gadgets with SD slots with the SD adapter included in the package.
  • Store and transfer more files. Forget about having to delete files (and having to wait for them to transfer) for long periods of time. Our MicroSDs are available in various storage capacities — up to 32 Gigabytes. They store a lot of files, and they store them fast with a maximum clock speed of 25MB/s.

Available Capacities

  • 4GB (Class 4)
  • 8GB (Class 4)
  • 16GB (Class 10)
  • 32GB (Class 10)

The 2nd Generation Flash Drives

  • Available in two colors. Keep your files in sync with your life and your style. Choose between Sleek Black or Ekotek's Trademark Apple Green.
  • Single-piece. The Ekotek Flash Drive's plug-covering mechanism has been built-in to the main flash drive body. Never worry about losing the cap ever again — because there isn't any.

Available Capacities

  • 4GB
  • 8GB
  • 16GB
  • 32GB

Key Features

True Specs. Down To The Last Byte.

Enjoy every single byte. With the Ekotek storage device line you will be able to actually fit-in 16GB of data in a 16GB Ekotek MicroSD, just like what the labels say — just like how all thoughtfully manufactured storage devices should be like.

1 Year Limited Replacement Warranty.

All Ekotek storage devices are covered with our 1-Year Limited Replacement Ekowarranty. If what you bought off-the-shelves doesn't work like how it should out-of-the-box, we promise that we will replace it with one that does what it promises to do.

Small Size. Big Bytes.

Carry a lot of things that matter to you — and then some more — without trading-off convenience. Our storage devices, like our flash drives, have been designed to be as practical as they can be so you can carry them around and have access to your files anytime, anywhere, and anyhow — put them in your pocket, wallet; with your keys; or even around your neck.