Ekotab Encore 3G

It’s A Tablet. It’s A Phone. It’s Two Phones!

Encore is back and this time it’s equipped with 3G functionality. It also lets you take take better photos and do things faster.

Ekotab Encore 2U

From Us, To You.

We’ve taken a closer look at the Encore 2, kept all the things we love and enhanced anything that could be upgraded just one more time.

Ekotab Encore 2

Double the Speed. Double the Power.

Armed with the Kitkat OS as well as the AllWinner A33 Quad-Core Chipset, the Encore 2 is twice as fast as the original. Double the speed, double the power all wrapped in a sleek 7” tablet. You can now update your Facebook, Instagram and so much more all at once any time, anywhere.

Ekotab Encore Duo

Pretty Powerful.

Sleek. Ergonomic. Be a true stand-out with a phone that stands-out with taste.

Ekotab 7

Up the Power

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the Ekotab 7 gives you more power for your money.