Ekophone Sage 2

The Sage Just Got A Major Upgrade!

This time around the 1.3 GHz Quad-Core beauty is equipped with the latest OS, the Android 5.1 Lollipop – and LTE functionality! With a higher battery capacity and a crystal clear 5” qHD screen, you can now chat, post and play your favorite 3D games any time, anywhere for hours on end.

Ekophone Sage Lite

All The Makings Of A Premium Ekophone Sage. Made Available For More People.

Just like it’s big brother, the Sage Lite comes with 1.3GhHz MediaTek Quad-Core Processor and the Android 4.4 KitKat OS. The Sage Lite is equipped with the Mali 400 accompanied by a 1GB ROM showcased in a crystal clear 4.5” IPS Display, perfect for your favorite 3D games.

Ekophone Rogue 3

The Country’s First Intel(R) Atom(TM) x3 Smartphone!

“This device is a speedy entry level device thanks to the quite powerful Intel SoFIA chip that’s faster than most entry level quad core devices.” — GizGuide

Ekophone Atlas 2

A Feature Phone With Actual Features — Good Features

The swiss army knife of basic phones just got a whole new look. A better keypad, a bigger screen — and a new loudspeaker.

Ekophone Sage

“Slim body of 7.6mm and carbon fiber back. Wow!” — PinoyTechStyle

“Great for media consumption and with it’s large screen playing your favorite games such as Clash of Clans will be more a lot of fun. It’s also a slim phone only a sleek 7.6mm this so it’s really easy on the hand.” — Adobotech

“Love you #Ekophone!”

— @iamghiee_ on Ekophone Sage

Ekophone 5.10

“From the build quality, it is good…” — RonNotTheDJ Blog

Sleek. Ergonomic. Be a true stand-out with a phone that stands-out with taste.

Ekophone 4.20

“What stands out with this phone is its build quality! It feels really really solid, I love its slim form factor and the aluminum edge. Ekophone 4.20 didn’t feel cheap at all.” — GeekyPinas

The Ekophone 4.20 is the right tool for your busy lifestyle. Powerful but simple, this phone’s a must-have for any gadget arsenal. It comes packed with features that are exactly what you need and more, giving you more value for your money.

Ekophone Rogue 2

“It has a nice display…” — The Technoclast

Double the processing speed of the original Rogue with its new MSTAR 1.0 GHz Quad-Core Chipset. Seamlessly enjoy your favorite apps like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram in the same lightweight design
– only two-times faster!

Ekophone Rogue

What You Need — And Everything Else.

“The camera feature is already a bonus. What I like about this featured phone is it’s very easy to use. Even non-techy people will not have a hard time exploring this device.” — GeekyPinas

Ekophone Atlas

A Bang For Your Buck.

Fun and compact, the Ekophone Rogue is beautiful as it is reliable.