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Do you contact the company that sold you the helmet or are you trying to contact the helmet manufacturer directly? Depends on the helmet. If it`s a German helmet, does anyone sell it in Germany or Europe with British/European approvals? Interesting read. My wife just borrowed my Shoei helmet to do her CBT, but they said she couldn`t use it because there was no Europe sticker. However, it has the golden ACU sticker on it! I wonder if the sticker came off or do you know when the EU stickers started, because it is a fairly old helmet, maybe 6 to 7 years old? Yes, if it exceeds the ECE2205 standard, its use should be legal in the UK. Does it have the ECE22.05 sticker on the helmet? This X-Lite helmet is molded with a carbon shell and is a very serious kit. It is available in two shell sizes for an optimal fit without getting too large, and an adjustable and extendable tip on the large bezel. No, the DOT standard is not equivalent or legal for the UK (I think it is really only valid in the US, UK and European helmets should have European standards). Since Shoei is an easily recognizable and well-known brand, it`s unlikely you`d be lured to the police because they had a DOT sticker (could be another story if you had an unnamed/unrecognizable brand helmet?). At Bikesure, we have access to a variety of specialized motorcycle insurance policies to help you find the right motorcycle insurance for you and your motorcycle. We also offer extra coverage to insure your helmet and leather. Your helmet must comply with British Standard BS 6658:1985 and carry the BSI Kitemark.

It`s also legal if it meets one of the following standards: I think it should be a label inside the helmet that says the manufacturer`s date? You may need to remove the interior padding (if it`s removable?) to see it. I`m not entirely sure how you might confuse a bicycle helmet with a motorcycle helmet, but this article lists the relevant standards that should be on a motorcycle helmet approved for the road in the UK. Hi, I just brought a helmet. This indicates that it is legal according to ECE2205 standards, but has no markings on the helmet. Apart from a small label on the chin strap with E13 in a circle and a code? Answers are appreciated. Thank you. For the EEC test, the helmet shall be tested in four places, not limited to one section. ECE22.05 (also known as ECE R22-05) is a basic European standard for helmets. This is the other standard that a helmet can indicate as legal for the road in the UK. All helmets worn on UK roads must meet one of the following conditions: I`m not sure, to be honest, I guess it`s okay as long as you don`t actually change the structure of the helmet (e.g. cut). The main thing to consider is how the changes could affect the performance of the headset (e.g.

the parts you put on the headset come off and cause speed issues, will they limit visibility, how would it affect the headset if you detach and land on 1 of the bits you added, etc.?). DOT is the standard in the United States, and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) enforces it. To be legal for use on U.S. roads, helmets must be DOT approved. In recent years, ECE22.05 has been used more often than BS 6658:1985, mainly due to the fact that most helmet manufacturers are “international” companies (e.g. Their helmets are sold worldwide) and it is easier for them to use 1 standard covering Europe and the UK (rather than using separate standards for the UK and the rest of Europe). Note: The news article is no longer on the above website, but it is still an interesting page with a lot of information about road safety. 🙂 BS 6658:1985 is a British standard and is one of 2 standards that a helmet can pass to be street legal in the UK. You may want to ask the people you bought the headset from about the ECER sticker, instructors or test examiners may question the helmet if it doesn`t have a sticker on the back (personally, I would use a simple/normal headset during my test as it`s not worth doing anything that might bother the examiner!?) A word of warning about the ACU Gold Standard – This is a fairly old standard and seems pretty easy for modern helmets.

But we have seen some very bad helmets brought in by customers who seem to have the ACU Gold standard! Therefore, it is better to buy only a helmet explicitly certified ECE 22.05/22.06; While a DOT-approved version of the helmet may be cheaper online, it`s still not legal in the UK. EEC certification is applicable in 47 countries. Similarly, DOT-approved helmets are not legal in the UK. ECE helmets are not legal in the United States. Sorry, but I don`t know if your helmet is legal on the street. Is it better to contact Caberg (www.caberg.it) directly or ask a Caberg helmet dealer? However, if you`re looking for the ultimate cooling airflow and protection, a motocross or enduro helmet might be for you. Is the new bell helmet legal in the UK? In the forums, I see that they are worn in Holland. What is the fine if you do not wear an approved European helmet? Thanks Mark, I have an ECE helmet, can I use it on one of the American race tracks? Ok no no, that`s thanks, I`m fine to use it for road use, but I found it a bit strange that there is no ECE sticker on the back so agree with you, when it comes to doing my test, I`m going to use one with a clear ECE sticker on the back thanks again I think the helmet must display the ECEr22.05 sticker to be legal (not 100% sure, to be honest?) I want to have a custom paint job on my helmet that has the standard ACU Gold sticker and a blue sticker – type A. Can I get replacement stickers??? It`s a recognized brand and model of helmet, so everything should be fine. No and no (of course, it depends on how the track actually checks the helmets!) Hi, I just bought a Shoei neotec flip front helmet in Japan, but it doesn`t have an EC sticker. Do I agree to wear it in the UK? They are made here. Things can get confusing as manufacturers sell the same headset under the same name in the US and UK and are approved in both countries.

SHARP will show you the approved helmets and the level of protection they offer using a simple 1-5 star helmet safety rating system. 1 star means a low rating, although it still meets the UK`s minimum safety standards, while a 5-star rating indicates much better overall protection. DOT is a US approval, not sure if it is valid in the UK? Most UK helmets have either ECER22.05 approval, an ACU Gold sticker, or (on some older helmets as it expired some time ago) a BS 6658 approval sticker (blue or green). Are Australian-approved Helments legal in the UK? It has a SAI Global sticker “Australian Standard AS 1698” That`s not to say adventure helmets aren`t for you – we`ve reviewed them before and know they can be a great compromise between calm and comfort for long road trips, as well as ventilation and space for off-road excursions. Iu2019ve bought Fox helmets for my kids when they ride off-road, and this one uses an ABS shell with an EPS liner and is DOT and ECE22.05 certified for on-road and off-road use. Available in different sizes from child to adult, it has a removable umbrella as well as a fully removable interior for washing. There are 2 standards for helmets in the UK, in order to be legal for use on the road, a helmet must pass and have a sticker showing ONE of these 2 standards. If the helmet has the ECER22.05 sticker (and has passed approvals), it is legal in the UK.

If you buy it in the United States, I doubt it will have European approvals. Not sure what the TBH fine is? The tip is fixed and the helmet has a double D ring for safety, as well as a large opening for vision and for holding the glasses. In addition to the airflow in and around the visor, there is also a vent at the front of the chin strap. If you`re an off-roader, chances are you`re deciding somewhere down the line that you want a proper off-road collision helmet. If your helmet is experiencing serious effects, you should always buy a new one. The damage is not always visible to the naked eye. The Economic Commission for Europe is the regulatory body that sets the standards (Regulation No. 22) that manufacturers must meet to produce motorcycle helmets. Red Sticker – Type A/EN: Used for helmets with fireproof lining (usually used in motor racing) A visor or goggles are important to protect your eyes from wind, rain, insects and dirt from the road. Unlike BS 6658:1985, ECER22-05 does not have different levels depending on the quality of the helmet.

The ACU Gold sticker is not required for a helmet to be street legal in the UK (a helmet must comply with BS 6658:1985 or ECE22.05 to be allowed on the road). However, this is a slightly higher level of safety and generally suggests a slightly better helmet.