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Radio Legal 87.5

For example, UK radio stations broadcast on 87.5 FM, which are likely to be pirate radio stations, as there are no known licences allocated to 87.5 FM in the UK. There are some licenses for 87.6 FM, although most broadcast on 87.7 FM and above. 87.5 FM is the first radio station frequency that can be used on the FM band 87.5-108 or VHF band 2. The use of 87.5 FM as the main carrier frequency of a legal radio station itself is rare in most countries, as signals are transmitted slightly outside the band up to about 87.3 and possibly up to 87.2 in the vicinity of the station. This article, which deals with radio communications, is a heel. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. In Brazil, 87.5 FM is one of the frequencies reserved for community radio stations. These stations have a power limit of 25 watts and coverage within a radius of up to 1 km. [5]. Please note Radios.com.br no audio ads are shown during a broadcast. This type of audio is generated directly by the transmitter and not by Radios.com.br, is not our responsibility or control, and may even occur in our PRO version.

To listen to this radio, we recommend that you install the RadiosNet app for Android or iOS. Note: We are not responsible for the transmission of radios, our website only “corrects” what the radio already broadcasts on the Internet. On the air since 2019, it is a community radio station designed to support listeners in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, with a varied program. It is broadcast seven days a week for 24 hours. This radio plays in an external window. Click the radio button to open it. If the app is already installed and you are using an Android device, press the “Listen to RadiosNet Android” button to automatically open the radio in the app. Amplification, it is not audio announcements inserted by the Radios.com.br, but by the radio itself, which generates the transmission.

Downloading the app is very easy! Click the “Available on Google Play” button if you are using an Android device or the “Download from AppStore” button if you are using an iOS device. Since we are not responsible, it will not always be possible to solve the problem of radio, especially if its transmission over the Internet is not on the air. What do you want? Please select an option below: the way it is transmitted on your link will also be broadcast on our website. That is, if the transmission of Internet radio is distorted, cut, with low volume or low quality, it will be played on our website in the same way.