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Public Health Gwu Requirements

The following conditions must be met: 120 credits, including 19 to 20 credits, in order to meet the requirements of the university`s general education; 34 credits in core public health courses, including an approved 3-credit selective research methodology; 12 credits in recognized electives in the field of public health; and 54 to 55 credits in additional electives.* Undergraduate research is designed to provide the student with experience in public health research and direct work with faculty and academic staff in a research context. Registration instructions and forms for (PUBH 3995 Undergraduate Research or EXNS 3995 Undergraduate Research) are available online. SPH majors may apply up to 6 credits of independent study and undergraduate research in relation to their major and applicable concentration. For nutrition and exercise science, only 3 credits can be applied to guided electives. Excess research credits can be applied to general electives. SPH minors can apply for up to 3 credits of independent study or undergraduate research for optional participation in their study program. Research course credits must be taken for a letter note to apply for a major. Students should consult with their faculty advisor and supervisor before registering for PUBH 3995 or EXNS 3995. Applicants to graduate programs whose credentials are lower than expected for graduate studies, but who still present successful promising theses, sometimes receive provisional approval from the Milken Institute`s SPH Admissions Committee. During provisional admission status, students must consult with their assigned advisor each semester prior to enrolment.

Provisionally admitted doctoral students must demonstrate their ability to maintain a minimum cumulative average of 3.0 in the first 9 credits of courses attempted and cannot receive an incomplete grade or less than a B during this period; Provisionally admitted students who meet these requirements receive a good reputation. Provisionally admitted students who do not meet these requirements will be suspended. Students who need to interrupt the active pursuit of the degree may request to take time off during their program for a certain period of time, which is usually limited to one calendar year. Students admitted to the dual BS/MPH program may take a semester off between completion of their undergraduate studies and enrollment in their MPH program; Leave that extends beyond one semester between undergraduate studies and the M.P.H. program is only allowed in exceptional cases and requires prior approval. Students who leave active enrolment without taking a leave, or students who take a leave of absence but do not return to active studies at the end of the approved absence, are no longer in status and must apply for readmission and are subject to the regulations and program requirements then applicable. Readmission to a program is a competitive process, not a guaranteed one. Courses for the university`s general education requirement in the Bachelor of Science in Public Health are distributed as follows: Although degrees are awarded at the end of each semester, official opening ceremonies do not take place until May. Students are not eligible for graduation until they have met all educational requirements and have no financial obligation to the University. Students may only insert degree titles (BS, MS, MPH, MHA, DrPH or PhD) after their name if they have met all the study requirements. For more information, see the Program Guide, including the “recommended” PMP additional concentration courses.

Students pursuing the PMP concentration should also consult with the Health University (prehealth.gwu.edu/) Advisory Team regarding expectations and procedures. With more than 30 programs of study, our programs engage your interests and prepare you for a successful career in public health. All students in the Milken Institute School of Public Health must review the university`s Code of Academic Integrity and complete the GW Academic Integrity Activity. This activity must be completed within 2 weeks of registration. Information on the requirements of GWSPH academic integrity can be found here. Upon admission to undergraduate studies, students must be enrolled continuously throughout the fall and spring semesters and actively participate in meeting their degree requirements. The Bachelor of Science with a major in Public Health is designed to provide students with detailed technical and analytical skills with a philosophical foundation. Its educational objectives are to promote critical thinking, analysis and synthesis of information and to recognize the historical and societal contexts of current trends in public health and health care. While the program encourages students` ability to think analytically and creatively, it strives to deepen students` commitment to improving public health. In addition to meeting the general requirements of the University Regulations, a candidate for a degree with special distinction in Sport Science and Nutrition must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 in the required courses in the major and a minimum GPA of 3.25.