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Rich has extensive experience in developing, acquiring and enforcing patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets worldwide, analyzing intellectual property rights, preparing legal opinions, advising on trademarks and alternative designs, and negotiating and preparing purchase agreements, licensing and distribution. We are a unique law firm in terms of probate. We are a small law firm with extensive corporate experience and a track record of results for our clients. Our lawyers work one-on-one with clients throughout their case. We know that personal attention and commitment are important to you. Since our goal is a positive outcome for you, we work diligently to be not only your lawyer, but also your trusted advisor. Whether it is a criminal matter, an incident involving personal injury or a general legal dispute, I will be your professional, courteous and aggressive lawyer. You will understand every step of the legal process. I will give you simple information and advice so that you clearly understand what will happen or may happen at each step of the process. In my law firm, your case will be handled directly by me.

I offer a free initial consultation. At this meeting, you can meet me and describe your legal problem. I can explain the law that applies to your case and suggest actions I could take for you. After this meeting, I can immediately start working on your case. Rich provides services in the areas of intellectual property, business and law, as well as transactional services, including the preparation of legal opinions, to facilitate the operation of online gaming clients engaged in the areas of online fantasy, esports, skills and regulated casino and sports games. We take an effective approach to case management, litigation and alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and meditation. Our practice is based on an in-depth knowledge of the evolution of laws and the practical application of these laws to the objectives of our clients. At Newman & Newman, P.C., we help you with your legal affairs with sensitivity, speed and confidence.

Even if your situation seems hopeless at first, don`t lose hope. Our lawyers can carefully evaluate you to determine the best legal tools available to you. Contact an established Boston attorney at Newman & Newman, P.C. At Newman & Newman, P.C. in Boston, we have successfully represented individuals and businesses throughout Massachusetts and strive to maintain high professional standards. Our lawyers are highly qualified to handle even the most complex legal issues. Founded in 1978, our law firm deals with non-contentious matters such as contracts, real estate sales, leases, the creation and administration of business units, and fiduciary training and administration. Newman & Newman, P.C. can also help you with: At Newman Law Office, you have a hard-working and efficient lawyer. For over 30 years, I have worked mainly in criminal law.

I have heard dozens of cases before juries and judges in courts throughout the state of New Hampshire. Whether your case requires creative and effective legal reasoning, a persistent litigator or an experienced negotiator, I can provide you with what you need. I am highly respected by judges and prosecutors, always prepared and I will give 100% for your case. Call Newman & Newman, P.O. at 617-227-3361 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation. We have obtained registrations for hundreds of trademarks and copyrights and obtained patents for innovative innovations. “John was caring and I felt completely comfortable replacing me. He was very responsive to my calls and emails and answered additional questions after my case ended.

I highly recommend John and will reinstate him if I need a lawyer. Newman Law represents clients around the world on intellectual property and commercial law matters, with a focus on the needs of clients in the gaming, fintech and firearms industries. Jason represents clients in intellectual property, business and civil rights matters in courts across the country. He is accustomed to quick and high-pressure litigation and has experience in all facets of the dispute resolution process, from pre-litigation practice to appellate practice. “Attorney Newman was hired to represent my son, who was sentenced to up to 40 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. He was a 19-year-old student athlete. John was extremely professional and explained every step of the process along the way. He managed to formulate a methodical plan and an approach to defend my son. There were times in this long process when we felt hopeless and John was always there to calm us down and was determined to show the facts of the case and prove my son`s innocence. The future of my son`s life was in the hands of Attorney Newman. Thanks to his diligent work, all charges were successfully dropped and I will be forever indebted to him. His experience of acquaintances and calm attitude undoubtedly made the difference in this case.

I recommend his services to anyone facing a criminal defense. Representing clients and entrepreneurs, from start-ups and small businesses to large corporations and universities, Rich protects innovations in e-commerce, software, medical devices, filtration, electrical systems, chemical processing, power generation and green technologies, among others.