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At Gray Legal, P.C., my mission is to give entrepreneurs the tools and strategies they need to build profitable, legally sound businesses. “Nakia eased my anxiety by communicating clearly and being willing not only to provide legal services, but also to educate me about the law and my rights. She is very professional and really cares about her clients. It exceeded my expectations! Nakia is the best choice to get your affairs in order. If you want the job done right, hire Nakia! Nakia V. Gray is an attorney at Gray Legal, P.C. and assists clients with family law matters. She also assists clients in the areas of estate and estate planning, intellectual property, business and business, entertainment and sports. Are you trying to figure out what to protect? Already have an established brand and need legal advice to help you use and protect things? Then you`ve come to the right place. A trademark that is not fully protected exposes itself to all sorts of legal issues such as infringement claims, failed trademark registrations, missed expansion opportunities, licensing issues, etc. And all of these issues are costing businesses revenue and brand loyalty. #notawin And while you`re at it, be sure to check out our courses, products, and legal subscription options.

With our legal subscription plans, your biggest fears will be alleviated by knowing that you have an all-access pass for a business lawyer whenever you need it. Our clients are artists and entrepreneurs who don`t just want to start a business. They hire us to help them build an empire so they can leave a lasting legacy. Nakia Gray was called to the bar in 2006. She represents clients in the Largo area. As lawyers, we know all too well the demands of a successful law firm – the time, the expectations, the endless sacrifices – and we are first and foremost. We want more from life than courtrooms, blue suits and billable hours. If you are a DIY enthusiast at heart and want to try it out with your contracts, agreements and policies, go to our shop and get what you need.

Everything in it is instant, downloadable, and customizable – the perfect solution if you`re in a hurry and don`t mind working with a template. At Beyond the Bar Institute, we`re done too. For this reason, we have created a space for lawyers who are tired of acting in the traditional sense of the word and are ready to figure out how to stand out in their field of practice, serve more clients and increase their bottom line. Nakia Gray graduated from Howard University School of Law in 2006. In 2013, I took a step back from courtrooms and litigation and realized I was tired of having billable hours, blue suits, and going to a traditional law firm every day. I wanted the freedom of time, I wanted to work from anywhere in the world and be there 100% for my children, but most of all I wanted to help others succeed as entrepreneurs. To learn more about the topics I cover and where I have already been introduced, visit the following page. To get started, take our FREE guide to walk you through the first step of the branding process.

“Before working with Nakia, I had so many questions and didn`t know where to start. She helped me become clear and focused and understand exactly how to use my experience, passion and expertise to make a profit. I recommend them for new entrepreneurs. Rising Stars is a designation of blue-chip lawyers selected following extensive reviews. She received this award for 2013 – 2016. Your one-stop shop for contracts, agreements, and online courses, a great option if you`re looking for cost-effective DIY solutions. “I sought Nakia`s services to better understand how the copyright process works. She taught me the importance of protecting myself. If you`re looking for a lawyer to explain things in a way you can understand, Nakia Gray is the right person to talk to! As an intellectual property lawyer, I offer the best solutions to entrepreneurs who want to be fully protected wherever they are in their professional career.