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Msd Atomic Efi Carb Legal

Anyone who purchases an EFI Atomic system in the future will receive the mandatory information label with the order number, which can be affixed to affected vehicles for inspection and CARB approval status. This is great news for enthusiasts and a big step towards keeping these target vehicles on the road and out of the crusher. For more information about Atomic EFI or other CARB-approved products such as MSD 6AL ignition, visit the MSD website and call them if you have any questions about the legality of the system in your car. Your conventional vehicle is probably equipped with a carburetor. With millions of people on the road, carburetors “can” work very well. When you drive your carburetor vehicle, you know the problems involved. Maneuverability is not good in cold weather or when driving at high altitudes. They can cough, stutter and even choke, which can be dangerous. And they are sensitive to carbon formation, which leads to even more problems. Often, a retuning can solve your problem for a while, but good luck finding someone who “knows” how to properly adjust their carburetor! And the melody may even change over time, requiring further adjustment. “The addition of this unique advantage supports the uniqueness of the Atomic technology developed by our engineering team,” said Manny Grijalva, Vice President of Marketing and Sales. MSD adds, “During extensive testing, it was confirmed that the Atomic system did not reduce the effectiveness of applicable vehicle emission control systems and, as a result, an exemption from the prohibitions in California Vehicle Code Section 27156 was granted for 1987 and older General Motors passenger cars and pickup trucks originally equipped with a V8 engine and carburetor.

This means that with carbureted Camaros, Malibuses, Monte Carlo and pickup trucks, you can enjoy improved handling, better partial throttle acceleration, smoother idling and additional fuel economy that an Atomic EFI system can provide while remaining smog-legal. C.A.R.B. 50-STATE LEGAL: The EFI Atomic Throttle Body System, PN 2900, has received Order in Order D-722 from the California Air Resources Board. This order number allows the installation of the Atom TBI system on 1987 and older GM cars and trucks equipped with a V8 gasoline engine that was originally equipped with a carburetor. Other vehicles and manufacturers are still awaiting approval. For an emission-compliant installation, all original control components, including catalytic converter, EST manifold, air pump, EGR, etc. must be retained. An addendum with specific installation steps and settings for a CARB-compliant installation is included separately in this kit. El Paso, Texas; March 25, 2014 – MSD Performance is pleased to announce that the atomic fuel injection system has received an Order in Council number from the California Air Resources Board! This E.O. number makes the Atomic the only legal replacement EFI system for 1987 and older GM vehicles in California! The Atomic EFI system has been assigned the E.O. number. D-722, which allows the system to be installed in place of the factory carburetor on 1987 and older GM cars and trucks originally powered by a V8 engine.

The decree also means that the Atomic EFI system provides an “appropriate basis” to meet the burglary protection requirements of the federal Clean Air Act, allowing its use in all other states. This is great news for enthusiasts of a GM `87 car or truck and more, as it will finally allow them to get rid of their old carburetor and enjoy the driving features of a modern, self-taught EFI system, such as quick starts, constant idling, and consistent performance in all driving conditions. MSD has helped some of these enthusiasts take one step closer to getting their cars back on the road without having to worry about the dreaded and hard-to-find replacement carburetor that can cost upwards of $600 or more. MSD`s Atomic EFI is now legal for the CARB (California Air Resources Board)! This makes the Atomic EFI (PN 2900 & 2910) the only EFI replacement system to receive an order number for V8-GM vehicle replacement in California starting in 1987. That`s great! Hopefully, in the near future, we`ll see more EFI renovations become legal for carbs. It costs quite a lot to get the EO/CARB number, so this precedent is essential to get other mfgs to do the same. Will this result in a Vortec 350 with a Qjet carburetor? It`s not often we celebrate anything related to the California Air Resource Board, also known as CARB, but today is a different day. MSD has been granted CARB-exempt status for its Atomic EFI system, meaning it can be legally installed on any older 1987 GM car or truck. Before this exemption was granted, you weren`t passing a state inspection because you had an Atomic EFI on your car or truck, even if you used it to swap out an old carbohydrate that probably wasn`t working properly. If you`re tinkering with a 1980s road machine, you can now enjoy all the benefits the rest of the world has seen from the Atomic EFI system in your own car. Rejoice, California Hot Rodders – MSD recently received Executive Order D-722 from the California Air Resources Board (CARB), which legalizes the atomic fuel injection system (part numbers MSD-2900 and MSD-2910) for use in older 1987 and older GM cars and trucks that left the factory with a V8 engine from the factory. According to MSD, the Atomic EFI system is the only California aftermarket EFI system available for these vehicles.

The brand new MSD Atomic EFI Master Kit is designed to solve any problem. Within hours, you`ll have modern fuel injection technology and solve your carburetor`s handling and reliability issues once and for all. The system works with all 4150 4-barrel square bore intake manifolds. You can keep your throttle transmission and starter boom (if you are automatically equipped), your air filtration system and your mechanical or electronic manifold. Installation takes about 1 day with simple hand tools. Once installed, the initial setup of the setting takes only 5 minutes. Just answer six simple questions and you`re good to go! It is compatible with today`s ethanol fuel blends. You can even control your time curve electronically (see SYNCHRONIZATION CONTROL REQUIREMENTS below)/ We still think it is draconian and wrong that an operation like MSD Performance has to go through the byzantine process to get CARB approval for a product that is clearly an efficiency and technology improvement for an older car, but we`re glad they did and even happier for Hot Rodder in the state of California that they can now legally install one of the most popular EFI kits in the transmission space.

Read MSD`s full press release below! The best news is that E.O. D-722, the Atomic EFI can be installed on 1987 and older GM cars and trucks with V8 engines instead of the factory carburetor and meets the requirements of the Federal Air Pollution Control Act – meaning it can be installed in all other states. According to MSD, extensive testing confirmed that the Atomic EFI system did not reduce the effectiveness of applicable vehicle emission control systems, resulting in an exemption from the prohibitions in California Vehicle Code Section 27156 for 1987 GM and older cars and pickups originally equipped with a V8 engine and carburetor. MSD will provide you with an information label with the order number and details that need to be affixed to your vehicle for inspection purposes. Finally, enthusiasts of a 1987 GM car or truck and older can scrap the old carburetor and enjoy the benefits of a self-learning EFI system that provides the user with quick starts, smooth performance and consistent idling in all driving conditions. In many cases, fuel consumption is also reduced and EFI conversion makes the vehicle more maneuverable – no more cold starts and waiting in the aisle as the needle lifts a bit because the carburetor throttle is always closed.