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Moneda 30 Euros Curso Legal 2018

From the first year, they gave away 25-piece hard plastic cartridges, I used to spend 2 or 3 cartridges on the street, if they told me something, I told them to call the police which I only paid for. I was also surprised by the announcement of the issue of the 30 euro coin this year, which will not be 30 euros, but 40 euros. I`m talking about traditional money, which is usually bought (redeemed) in banks every year. The reason for which it will be dedicated, “V Centenary of the World Tour”, was quite predictable, but the increase in facial treatment had not foreseen it. It is tasteless to color the coins, they are much more beautiful in natural silver. Going a barbarism at the face value of 40 € was not just at 30 €. , many thinking minds and whatever happens, useless. I will stop buying until they go back to traditional currency (without dyes). The first commemorative euro coin issued in Spain celebrated the four hundredth anniversary of the first issue of El ingenioso hidalgo don Quixote de la Mancha. 10 € of money + 30 € of voluntary tax. And if “colority” is so expensive, let it !!! Because it`s very vulgar and ugly. and above all, that they have the courage to adapt or update the image of King Don Felipe…. The same in the coins of 1 and 2 € .

I can`t wait to see this 33cm diameter coin xDxDxDFuera already from Cunts with the typo, I think it`s cool, but I don`t understand why it`s not approved as legal tender. The coin is composed of the figure of a pilgrim making the Camino de Santiago, with the cathedral of the Galician capital at the bottom of the print. Next to this image is the inscription “Xacobeo 21-22”, the value of 30 euros and the signature of Ceca, which indicates where this coin was minted. The scallop shell, symbol of the pilgrim and with a great link with Galicia, is also present. On the reverse, which occupies the central part of the coin, appears a world map by the Italian cartographer Battista Agnese, an image from the collections of the National Library of Spain, on which a representation of Nao Victoria has been superimposed. At the top, circular and in capital letters, the inscription V CENTENARIO VUELTA AL MUNDO. Below appears the value of the coin 40 EURO, the mint mark and inside a circle in the form of a latent quadruple image a nao, the mint mark, a five-pointed star and 22. The motifs and legends are surrounded by a pearl map. The word for coins is that they are minted, not printed.

The value of this sterling silver coin is about 15 euros. But as a collector`s value, once you leave, it will definitely be worth 40 euros. If someone wants to pay them 30 euros with it, it is strongly advised to accept it, it will always have a value higher than the face value of 30 euros. Banks are not required to reimburse or accept these currencies. But if you`re a customer, they still accept that the “quadruple latent image” is an exclusive security measure of the Royal Mint, which allows you to see each of the four images in the same area of the coin and depending on the angle of view. SECURITY SYSTEMS On the face of the coin, on the other hand, are the faces of the kings of Spain and their names, Felipe VI and Letizia. In the same way, the inscription “Spain 2021” appears with the symbol of a lily, another symbol of the Camino de Santiago. This piece can be returned as long as it is in perfect condition, in exchange for the amount for which it was purchased, in this case 30 euros.

Commemorative coins, on the other hand, are coins intended for circulation and legal tender throughout the euro area and fulfil the following conditions: the obverse depicts the effigy of His Majesty King Felipe VI. On the top of the coin, circular and in capital letters, the inscription FELIPE VI REY DE ESPAÑA. Since 1993, the Royal Mint commemorates the most important event of the year with the issuance of a 30 euro silver coin. In 2020, the company wanted to dedicate its commemorative coin to the “heroes of the coronavirus”, its employees “thanks to all the people and professions who have excelled the most in the fight against the COVID-19 disease in our country”. The new commemorative coin is legal tender with a face value of 30 euros, minted at the Royal Mint. Its value is guaranteed by the State, so it can never be worth less than 30 euros. In addition, it has added value due to its high silver content. ITS VALUE IS GUARANTEED This coin, worth 30 euros, cannot be used as a means of payment, but is intended for collectors. To buy it, it is enough to go to a branch of the Bank of Spain and pay the specified amount. But it can be used not only as a coin to add a collection of coins, but also as a method of investment, since its production will be limited and will increase in value over the years. The circulation coin is struck in state-of-the-art minting presses, in which the cospelated or preformed disc is fed with a torculate to support the realization of the shape of the coin and, if the design of the same requires it, patterns even at the edge, also by Torculado. #2 Because there are notes of lesser value than money.

In addition, the production of a banknote has lower costs. In fact, there are parts that I would no longer produce because their cost exceeds the value printed on them.