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Early Christmas Promo

Feature Image for Christmas Rush Promo

Hurry And Avail of Our Promo Today!

From December 5 to 25, We’ll be giving away our gadgets for up to 30% off!

Our promo is also available with our newest Ekophone Sage, Atlas and Rouge 2.

Give your love one a special gift this Christmas that will definitely make them happy!

List of Participating Products

The following is a list of the participating products.

You can also download the official flyer in PDF format by clicking the following link: Ekotek Christmas Rush Flyer.

Ekophone Sage (View Specs)
SRP: P6.6499.00
Now: P5,499.00

Ekophone Atlas Deals

(Single) Ekophone Atlas (View Specs)
Intro SRP: P590.00

(Buy-1-Take-1) Ekophone Atlas (View Specs)
Promo: P999.00

Ekophone Rogue 2 Deals

(Single) Ekophone Rogue (View Specs)
SRP: P2,499
Now: P5,299.00

(Single) Ekophone Rogue (View Specs) + 4GB Ekotek MicroSD (View Specs)
SRP: P2,748
Now: P2,499.00

(Buy-1-Take-1) Ekophone Rogue (View Specs)
Promo: P4,399.00

(Buy-1-Take-1) Ekophone Rogue (View Specs) + 4GB Ekotek MicroSD (View Specs)
Promo: P4,799.00

Ekotablet Deals

(Single) Ekotab Encore (L or D) (View Specs)
SRP: P2,799
Now: P1,999.00

(Buy-1-Take-1)  Ekotab Encore (L or D)  (View Specs)
Promo: P3,799.00

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