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Where Did support.ekotek.com.ph Go?

For about half-a-year, support.ekotek.com.ph has been home for the homegrown official support web app of Ekotek. It featured device registration, real-time service repair status tracking, and an in-app real-time messaging feature with a headquarter Ekospecialist.

It also hoped to provide do-it-yourself software updates for our Android devices lines, the Ekotab and the Ekophone series; and softcopies of user manuals for most devices that came packaged with such.

While these were all great ideas, we found out that our customers still preferred to converse with us through means that they are already familiar and comfortable with: Facebook and e-mail, and we would like to focus and dedicate our time and efforts on improving on where our customers are.

So it is with slight sadness that we are indefinitely placing our homegrown Ekotek online support web app in hiatus in light of the things that we have mentioned as we continue to place our efforts on our existing customer service channels, and also, as we continue to discover better ways to deliver a truly kick-a** service that everybody would love to experience.

Meanwhile, you may browse through our new and shiny kick-a** home for all things customer service related: our Zendesk support website.

Browse the most popular questions other customers ask about your favorite Ekogadget, stay in the loop about how we’re continuously working to give you the best service possible with updates from our customer support teams, and if that’s not enough, you can get a hold of us by submitting a request right here!

Feel free to browse around, and we hope to see you around!

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