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Our Kick-A** Service: Gearing To Kick Harder

You might have heard us say over-and-over again two phrases that sum-up our customer service promise: “We’re Here To Help” and “Kick-A** Service”.

Today, we’re bringing those words in to new heights and are providing you just those now on one of the worlds most reliable online customer support platforms: Zendesk.

Zendesk helps us in efficiently catching and following-up your support requests from everywhere whether you’ve been getting to us through e-mail, Facebook, or even Twitter.

But this means more than crunching-out replies in record time from now on.

In the following days, we will be building right here a collection of the most frequently asked questions and the most sought-after information about our Ekogadgets such as charging times for our powerbanks, troubleshooting instructions on certain gadgets, proper Ekogadget usage tips, and loads of other knowledge straight from the Customer Support Division of our Engineering and Product Development Teams.

Now, you might never have to wait for us to reply to your question because we will might have already answered it here — even before you ask it!

You can call this an express 24-hour version of our Support Center.

Because now, here at Ekotek, We’re Here To Help you get a dose of harder Kick-A** Service wherever, whenever.

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